"Enriched" (6 x 6 inches)
"Enriched" (6 x 6 inches)
"Enriched" (6 x 6 inches)

Since this past February (2018), I have resumed a daily practice of painting watercolor circles and writing reflections on what they bring to mind. It is a challenging commitment, and one which has brought much personal growth, as well as connection in the sharing with others. If you would like to see the flow of circles and more about the backstory, please visit my blog tab on this site to see weekly compilations, titled “Wonder Round”, or peruse the entire collection @michellehaydenartist on Instagram to see them side by side. (You do not have to have an account to view them :)).

PRINTS ARE AVAILABLE as both 8 x 10 and 11 x 14 prints on beautiful heavyweight 315 gsm archival watercolor inkjet paper, printed with Chromalife100+ inks for longevity and rich depth of color, packaged unframed, titled, and signed on archival backing board in a clear plastic sleeve, shipped in a sturdy cardboard mailer.

8 x 10: $35.00 (tax included) (+ $5.00 shipping and handling, US/ + $8 S & H, International

11 x 14: $45.00 (tax included) (+ $7.00 shipping and handling, US/ + $13.00 S&H, international)

***SPECIAL*** Order three 8 x 10’s for $90 (shipping remains for price of one print), OR order three 11 x 17’s for $120, (shipping remaining same as one print). I am happy to meet up with those of you who are local, eliminating shipping costs!

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(Below is an example of the reflection that accompanied this circle)

“I awakened filled to the brim with gratitude this morning, deeply contented as I lie awake reflecting on these couple of days away. It is a privilege to take time apart from responsibility, returning home enriched by this time of respite, connection, nurturance, and laughter. I am tucking this bit of awareness away— that when rest can follow hard work, it enlivens me to better continue in the flow...”