Counting Down... / by Hayden Michelle

There was an audible sigh of relief after shipping off my sculpture chosen for inclusion in Craft Forms 2016, as well as 5 other pieces that will be available in the Gallery Shop at the Wayne Art Center in Pennsylvania.  Here is a description from Wayne Art Center’s website that highlights the energy and scope of this exciting exhibit:



(A beautiful sculpture made by one of the 89 artists selected for this exhibit... I will share this artist's name after I discover the identity at the event!)

Craft Forms 2016, the International Juried Exhibition of Contemporary Crafts, will be on display at the Wayne Art Center from Decemeber 3, 2016- January 28, 2017

One of the most highly esteemed museum-quality craft exhibitions in the United States, Craft Forms consistently draws upward of 5,000 visitors during its two month exhibition. More than 250 guests, including art collectors, supporters of the Wayne Art Center, and artists, annually celebrate Craft Forms and its companion show at the Opening Gala. The exhibitions and special events continue to attract local, regional, nation and international visitors throughout the duration of the events.

This eagerly anticipated exhibition, celebrating its 22nd year, is dedicated to enhancing the public's awareness of fine contemporary craft while providing a venue for established and emerging artists to share their creative endeavors.  Craft Forms is internationally recognized as one of the premiere contemporary craft exhibitions.  The finest works of ceramics, wood, fiber, metal, glass, mixed medium and 3D printing are featured, supporting the Center's mission of expanding the public's awareness of fine contemporary crafts, and significantly benefiting all educational and outreach programs for children and adults.

2016 Juror: Stefano Catalani, Executive Director of the Gage Academy of Art and former Director of Art, Craft & Design at Bellevue Arts Museum

I feel deeply honored to be part of this exhibit, especially as the piece selected, “Ascension from the Ocean Floor”, was completed following the loss of my mother this summer, and embodied much of the energy of her illness and change over the years, as well as her final process of leaving this life.  I wanted to capture the beauty that was inherent in her very bones, and which transformed outwardly as she lived her full years, impacted others through her love, and left this world a different place from having been here.  I am grateful that her spirit continues to live on in all of her children and grandchildren, as well as her extended family and friends.  This piece is a visual reminder of the chance we all get to transform both our own lives and those we touch on our journey. 



"Ascension from the Ocean Floor", (4 x 16 x 5.5 in), 2016

These other sculptures were happy to be along for the ride, and to have a chance to be viewed in an audience of those who gravitate toward contemporary art.  I appreciate the opportunity to share some of my other work in that environment, and am grateful to the Wayne Art Center for inviting the artists this additional privilege.  I am incredibly excited to get to take in the work of so many new artists, and to soak up their perspectives, energy, and aesthetic.  Congratulations to all the artists who entered for consideration, as well as the ones who were selected.  I am sure much blood, sweat, and tears went into every piece submitted...

"In with the Tide", 2015, (and details below...)

"Open", 2016 (and details, below...)

"Flourish", 2016, (and details, below...)

"Seek", 2016, (and details, below...)

"Inner Resources", (13 x 18 x 8.5 in), 2016, (and details, below...)

I am grateful that my family gets to come with me to experience this together, and am deeply aware of how much their support and love carries me in my work.  We are all so looking forward to this adventure, and to being part of this eclectic art experience in a different environment.  It will be great fun to come back and share a bit of what we learned and enjoyed.   I so appreciate the support of all those who encourage, deepen, contribute to, and sustain the arts.  Without the positive energy of each other’s creativity on all levels, these events would not be possible.  Thank you especially to Wayne Art Center for promoting the contemporary arts and for hosting this event!