Wonder Round (Dec. 2- 8, 2018) / by Hayden Michelle

When weeks are full and swift, I am especially grateful to sink into the land and sky that surrounds where we live, even if for minutes in a given day. Wishing you moments of serenity and replenishment in this busy time of year…

“As I sit by a window whose draft circles my legs under the desk and my hands as I paint, my thoughts turn to the things which bring me warmth... especially the emotional connections with loved ones that continue to sustain, inspire, and move me.   I am grateful.”

“I always think dots are going to be relaxing and mindless— until I paint the first one and remember that is when made with crayons.  Nevertheless, I sank into the rhythm of making one after the other, soothed by knowing the colors of the rainbow that began to fill the page.  I thought much about the diversity each of us beings to life and how we are all connected to one another, whether or not our edges ever touch...”

”It feels as if the night went by in a blink... it can be disorienting for time to pass so quickly when the days are full.  I am looking forward to working in my own space this morning before heading out for the day.  It is such a gift to be able to pause in the midst of daily demands and activities and ground to where we are, inside and out.  Wishing you all space to breathe and be...”

“I woke up with thoughts about my friend’s daughter, who underwent serious surgery yesterday, and will be waking up his morning with a new healing path ahead of her.  I lay thinking about the power of our bodies and minds, and how we can hold space and beseech healing for those we love and for ourselves.  It is helpful for me to remember that we strengthen healing potential when we share it with others, and help build up courage for those fighting in the midst of it.   Please send whatever energy and prayers that are meaningful for you to this young woman and her family as they move forward with hope...”

“A day at a time, we move through... sending you all energy, stamina, and courage to move through the peaks and valleys of your lives... today, and in the days to come.”

“As my mind grapples with ever-moving pieces of a puzzle, I am heartened to know that making lists of the concrete tasks at hand will bring balance to the other parts in motion,  allowing organization and accomplishment of bite-sized bits to propel forward movement and relief.  What things bring about this containment and calm for you?”

”Today no words come to mind, so I will let the feelings rest in the paint...  Wishing you all the spaciousness of the weekend ahead.”