Circles (June 3-9, 2018) / by Hayden Michelle

This past week has been one of living fully, with highs that came from time spent in nature with dear friends, and lows that came from letting go... all are part of life, and we do our best to meet them as they present each sunrise.  Wishing you fullness in your life in the coming days...

("It is a beautiful morning, and I decided to paint from one of my favorite warm weather spots— our humble storm shelter top, which overlooks the hillside, deep into the ravine. As I listen to the birds, bugs, frogs, and neighbor’s cows, I am reminded that some of the most profound spots to sit and be are right in our midst. I am filled with gratitude for our land and dwelling, and hope we all have spaces that are safe and cherished.")


("As my sons grow and explore the many facets of being with others, I am struck by the power of connections— those that bring a deeper sense of belonging and self, and those that bring alienation, calling for exploration and resolution. It is amazing that these experiences shape us throughout our whole lives, and exciting that new ones can come at any age. I am moved by the sheer joy that discovery of friendship can bring, and grateful every day for this gift of connection.")


("When feeling agitated, uncertain, and uncomfortable in my own skin, I know it is time to head outside. Nature never ceases to amaze me with its power to offer release, clarity, space, and comfort by the mere act of sinking into it. Yesterday evening, the grassy hills offered engagement with the workings of my body, the shade of the trees offered respite, the breeze brought soothing scents of honeysuckle, and my ears perked up with the sounds of the creek. I returned home with renewed spirit, reminded that some days it is just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other, and tuning in to nature, wherever we can find it. Wishing a sense of grounding for each of you today...")


("Every day we are exposed to immense suffering across the globe and in our own lives. There remains an ongoing search for those gems which emanate beauty in the midst of suffering so that we do not become immobilized by feelings of helplessness... they may present as simply as compassionate acts expressed by human beings or by the exquisite beauty nature continually reveals to us. Let us all find sources of softness and hope alongside pain, so that we may continue finding the energy needed to cope in our world.")


("I am mindful this morning of the profoundness of breath. As we sit with our oldest cat as his body and breathing slow, we are grateful for his time with our family, holding the love and peace that he has brought to all of us. Once again, the miracle of life is affirmed...")


("Last night, our boys had the experience of being with our beloved cat as he gently breathed his way out of this life... I am grateful that they had the courage to hold him during his transition, and to see with their eyes and feel in their bodies, that final release can be so peaceful, even in the midst of deep feelings of loss. I am grateful for the soothing from ritual that emerged naturally, an extension of the love felt, as we prepared him a beautiful resting place. May we all find a place of peace today...")


("Contained in this circle are difficult feelings... whenever news breaks that someone famous has left this world by their own will, it confronts the complex core of our human spirit. We likely all have lost someone we love or know to suicide, or perhaps struggled with our own inner fight. This morning, I am sending compassion for all those who are trying to survive in the aftermath of this grief, as well as hope for those in the grip of it, wishing for hope and possibility to break through the bars that can keep us separate from each other and our truest selves. May we all help and heal one another with our love...")

This week our family will travel to the beach with many families in our Red Oaks Forest School, and will return the following week.  Not yet sure of the wifi capability, there may be some space between this and the next post... I am going to bring my tin box full of watercolor supplies in hopes of maintaining the flow, and will see what transpires :).  Best to you all....