Wonder Round (July 22- August 4, 2018) / by Hayden Michelle

Perhaps the rain that fell on Sunday was a predictor of the start to our week, where the stomach bug visited us for days, and we hunkered down into recovery mode, and then straight into celebration mid-week of our youngest's latest trip around the sun, and a second week that followed full of health discernment and connections with friends.  There is gratitude to be had when we are fortunate enough to return to a good state of health and equilibrium!  Hoping you are finding wellness within your circles this week...

("When I remembered we had a doggie that needed out before the skies released, we hurried out onto the hillside as the warm light was quickly being replaced by shades of gray. I was fascinated to see the rain falling in sheets, like water out of a pitcher, in the east, south, and west, as we remained dry in the middle, under navy blue clouds. I cannot recall the name of the nursery rhyme, but the words, “the sky is falling” sprung to my mind. Grateful that was not the reality, I was able to enjoy the excitement of the water beginning to fall around us before we, too, were caught in its deluge.")


("After sitting alongside our youngest who was up all night with a stomach virus, I was keenly aware of his suffering, and reflective on all those who are suffering in the midst of night. Aware of my urge to take his misery away, I sat with the knowing that we cannot protect our children or those we love from hurting in this life. We can be present, and offer comfort , love, and nurturance, hoping for this energy to embody them as they leave the nest and go out into the world, with permission to return as they so need...")


("When we lose someone we love, there remains an emptiness in that unique space they filled in our lives. Today is my mother’s birthday, and as much as we can connect with her love and the memories of being with her, we also deeply feel the absence of her being engaged in our lives. Sending love and comfort to surround those feeling this void...")


("As I softly peered into his peaceful sleeping face nestled tight under my mother’s quilt, I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for my son’s life, and for the tremendous privilege of witnessing his ever-evolving growth, and the spirit and love and joy that he brings to our family and to the world. We are celebrating him today, and the light he radiates out of his being without even trying...")


("As I tentatively placed my brush to paper and began making marks, I felt the reticence in my hand as the paint slowly glided across the surface. I took note, and sunk into that feeling, letting the marks reflect the emotion. I reflected on how it is important to allow ourselves to move slowly and delicately when our energy is low, unknowing, tapped out, or barely existent. It was curious to notice that as I continued to paint, that the lines became deeper and more definite, creating a path of their own. This gave me comfort, reminding that the lines we lay down, however faint, will build—one upon the other, until they strengthen into complete form. Perhaps we can all be gentle with our energies as they ebb and flow, and trust in their process of becoming...")


("Simple thoughts today of where we find and plant seeds yet to be sown... for we are all fertile ground for that which has not yet to come to light. What seeds do you dream of planting in rich soil?")


("Because these circles are meant to be a place to put daily energy out on paper, today’s is simply what it is. I resisted the urge to paint some bright color in there, and to just let it be. We all circle day to day in our emotions, challenges, joys... I still must remind myself to just let it be, not try to fix it, hide it, etc.— then it can move through :). That being said, I am looking forward to a very productive day ahead, and am lifted by the clear sky, cool temperatures, and beauty of the day. Wishing you all a happy Saturday!")


("I may have used this title before... it is an action verb that I find myself returning to often, conjuring up feelings of unforeseen possibility, change, and hope. May we all find ways to grow again..."


("This is a good question, is it not? It can be interpreted differently every day. Today, I am reflecting on how this pertains to the relationship between our outer bodies, its inner workings, and our spirits... I was talking to a friend about this last night— how easy it is to get tied to an identity about what our bodies have always been able to do, and the challenge of acceptance as those abilities change with age or health. Thankfully, I believe we are all much bigger than our physical bodies, and can continue to use our minds and spirits to expand in ways that our bodies never could.")


("Today I am going to leave this circle very open-ended. We all deal with unknowns in our lives, and this is most certainly inherent in the human condition. May we all find motivation and empowerment to change what we can, and peace to accept that which we do not know.")


("Yesterday I had the good fortune to experience multiple acts of kindness as the day progressed, and was struck by the difference it can make not only in a day, but in deeply held beliefs about ourselves and the world. It may be as subtle as eye contact and a smile from a stranger, a gentle touch from someone we love, compassion over shared understanding, a good laugh when not expecting it, or someone going the extra mile to let you know they have your back. These experiences all powerfully reinforce the simple acknowledgement of being seen. We each hold a myriad of ways that we can impact each other with our love every day, opening us to feel the joy of reciprocity from connection.")


("As we begin this month of August, I am increasingly aware of the need to declutter before the homeschooling year begins... not only the space in which we learn, live, and create, but perhaps more importantly, my mind. I know from experience that the effort involved in creating more space, on all levels, yields peace, possibility, and healing. Wishing you the energy to face the decluttering that is seeking your attention...")


("I honestly did not feel like painting this morning... I mumbled around in my head about other things that need attention, coming back to the fact that I made a commitment to myself to sit down and try each day if I am able, until it feels right to stop. So, I began painting an organic shape that often shows up, and then just started laying in elements, one bitty line at a time, until there was pattern, form, and color— all of which eventually made me smile, recalling a children’s book I used to read to the boys about this family of rabbits that hand-painted Easter eggs, and eventually the whole town, because they could not stop painting once they began. It made me aware of how we can find a rhythm, even if we do not begin with one, by just being present and starting. There is reassurance in this repetition that is good to remember when I feel like resisting. What helps you push past?")


("The movement in this piece reminded me that when I was little, I would follow the fluff of milk weed as it was carried by the wind, entranced by the effortlessness of the seed being carried, and curious as to how it felt not directing its journey. It was both wondrous and worrisome for my young mind, and I realize now that not much has changed in that range of fascination and fear as I continue to experience life. When I focus on the word, “float”, feelings of safety and relaxing into what is fill my mind, and give me permission to be present in the moment, trusting that I will continue to move forward and land where I will.")