Circle Round (July 1-7, 2018) / by Hayden Michelle

This past week has flown by, as I have been immersed in making a new encaustic sculpture (more to come on this!).  It has felt great to be consumed with an intensive process, and has left space for both deep reflection during some of the more mundane steps of creating and full concentration needed to complete the difficult tasks at hand.  I hope you have all had a good past week, and find yourselves connected to what gives you meaning in the week to come...

("When I picked up my son from the PRIDE festival last night, the first words out of his mouth when he got in the car, were, “It was literally the best day of my life!” He said never had he been surrounded by such a feeling of complete openness and acceptance, and that it was the best thing, ever. His eyes were opened wide yesterday, and more importantly, his heart. How amazing it would be if we lived in a world where this was the norm. Let’s all do our part to create a society in which this basic safety exists, so that we may be free to experience the joy of expressing who we really are...")


("As I find myself knee-deep in a new encaustic sculpture, I feel the rush of energy this morning needed to work before I must leave for the day. Somehow, losing sleep when in creative mode feels better than losing it for other reasons, and last night I found my tired eyes scanning the sea of butterfly wings on my table— shades of brown, black, yellow, rust and orange... but where my eyes were repeatedly drawn was to the solitary set of iridescent blue wings, with colors that shifted with the changing light and angles from which they were viewed. I was mesmerized by them! There is something so pure about blue and it’s many shades, and I never seem to tire of it. I have loved blue cobalt glass since I was small, and still marvel at the depth of color and density in that hue. What colors give you energy and stir your spirit?")


("Inner excavation is some of the most difficult work... courage is needed to bring to the surface that which seeks light. Thank goodness for breath, fresh air, and love from each other to support this tender release...")


("As I awaken into the day in which our country celebrates its independence, I hold gratitude for our freedom. I was mulling over the meaning of the word, “independence”, as I walked, pondering how vital and present interdependence is, as well... both in our world and in our own lives. Wishing freedom in whatever ways you most need it today...")


("Living on a ridge that leads to bottomland and a creek, an ever-changing landscape greets me each morning. I especially love when the air is thick with mist from humidity that could not dissipate during the night, and waves of mist cling to the contours of the hillsides. It seems to create an extra layer of quiet, yet also magnifies sounds emerging from the awakening wildlife. It is curious how when I stop resisting the heat and humidity, and instead sink into it, that the life surrounding becomes more vibrant and palpable. I am sure there is a lesson here to transfer over into life-living... As I write these words, I am also aware that at times, there is no escape from the heat, and that we must seek respite for self-preservation.")


("One of the few parts of math I loved as a child was number lines... I found it great fun to make the curving loops, one number to the next— predictable if I just concentrated and followed along to the adjacent numeral until I landed where my pencil needed to be. That memory made me smile as I painted, thinking how convenient it would be if we could follow this method to make our lives unfold in such a reliable manner. Rather, it is with great care, intention, and effort that we must connect the imperfect dots that appear in the continuum of our lives, fueled by a sense of underlying hope and trust that urges us into moving forward into the unknown each day...")


("Stepping outside and immediately being able to breathe in deep inhalations of fresh cool air was a wonderful gift as I walked this morning— what a difference it makes to be able to breathe easily and fully into that which awakens and refreshes us!")