Wonder Round (Aug. 12-18, 2018) / by Hayden Michelle

It has been a week full of deadlines and hard work, which was most satisfying to complete.  There is a sense of accomplishment when we finish what we set out to do, whether it is as mundane as taking 7 hours to whittle down the stack of papers needing attending on the desk where I paint every day (when your 6 inch square of watercolor paper is feeling encroached upon, it is time to take action!), or completing an application after many days unfolding glitch after glitch.  I have been mindful of the positive energy that remains when small steps to organize and create more sanity in my daily life are happening, not just for me, but for my family.  I am grateful for forward momentum in this area, as it is easy to push it aside when making art and making daily mess.  Wishing you all productivity in the ways you most need it this week! 

("I walked in thick fog blanketed over the hills this morning, tiny slivers of silver illuminated by dim light, webs sagging from the drops of moisture pulling them into the grass. The subtlety of this shimmer reminded me to go slowly enough about my days that I can take notice of these small things, whether in nature or with people, as there is certainly beauty in the details...")


("Walking yet again under the thick fog of morning, I breathed in crisp cool air, grateful for the ease of breath that filled my lungs. Over my years of social work, I spent time in many homes that were closed off from fresh air, windows locked and blinds drawn for safety and privacy. If my short time spent in restricted air was challenging, I can only imagine for those that lived in those conditions, often weighted down with health problems that made it even more difficult to breathe. Odd thing to recall as I roamed this morning, but it brought to mind the tremendous difference that movement of air, breath, breeze, can make in a moment and in a life. Wishing you all open space to feel the preciousness of air, allowing it to move through you in healing ways...")


("As the morning air takes on a touch of chill, deep reds begin to show in the plants that cover the iron weed filled hills, all signaling the change of season that is coming... I feel the push and pull of sadness that summer is slowly winding down, leading into a season that slows in nature, but speeds up mightily in the day-to-day life of our family. Connecting to the rhythms of my natural environment helps create space to breathe and be more grounded in our family and community flow, providing balance and replenishment of that vital energy.")


("This morning I crawled out of bed after little sleep, working on a deadline that is using up serious brain power :). I was curious how the circle would go, and was not so surprised when the pigment flowed outside the lines, despite trying to be careful. How easy it is to want to fix it, hide it, start again, rather than just let it be as it is... My youngest and I were discussing this very thing last night— how good it is to be gentle with ourselves and keep things in perspective when we make “mistakes”, fostering space to grow, learn, and accept that we are human. Certainly with paint, it does not matter a bit, but the practice of being mindful of how we speak to ourselves is one which needs at least as much attention as what goes into the daily watercolor circle. May we all go tenderly today...")


("I could not quite decide what jumped out of my circle this morning— it was a mix of hard-boiled eggs and animal eyes that lurked in the jungle of some child’s story... and it doesn’t really matter! It is good to remember that our work, no matter what kind, can bring in the element of play, lightening our mood and perspective when we are able to sink into it. I am grateful for the bit of balance that it brings to issues that are difficult in this world. What things bring you a sense of levity and play?")

("Especially happy that it is Friday, today I shift into low gear and head up to meet my beloved childhood friend. It is so satisfying to take a break after having put forth intense effort into the past week, and to look forward to relaxing, connecting, and restoring my tired self. Happy Friday to you all!")


("How wonderful it is to awaken to a day that is wide open, with the only goal being play. Clearly, a change of routine is good for the mind, body, soul... let us all sink in!")