Wonder Round (Sept. 9-15, 2018) / by Hayden Michelle

As another depth-filled week has swiftly rolled by, I hold gratitude for the sanctity of life. Wishing you all goodness and time to rest in what is sacred in your lives in the week to come…

(“I have been reflecting on what it means to make things as we go about our days... maybe as simple as the ritual of a morning cup of coffee or tea, carving out time to slow down and engage in good conversation, working diligently on a project, or bringing something new into the world, whether it be a piece of art or a child. I am feeling the gift of this ability to choose at least some of what my days hold, and am invigorated by the green of this painting, which exudes hopefulness. Wishing you all the freshness of a new day and week...”)

(“As color begins to fill the circle, it always is interesting to see what takes shape, planned or unplanned as each stroke blends pigment into pigment, and travel is enabled by the addition of water. As I was coming up on the last two empty shapes, it struck me that it was important to leave them open, receptive to whatever might evolve in time to fill them (or not). This theme seems to keep jumping into my awareness as of late— to be mindful to create periods of space and rest in the midst of fullness, and to trust that what is needed will be found in that space. Now to remember to sink in...”)

(This morning I painted as I held close in my heart some that I care deeply about that are in pain. It’s an uncomfortable truth that there is nothing to do that can take away the suffering of another, no matter the source (and there are many). The only thing I come back to is to surround them with love and light and open ears as I carry them close in mind and heart. Wishing all who need it slivers of light and the knowing that you are loved... (And certainly, on this tragic anniversary of 9-11, the message here extends to so many...)”)

(“Following the energy of yesterday’s circle, I reflected on the parts of us that are left fragmented by the inevitable suffering in our lives, and how these pieces are inseparable from the whole of who we are. I have found that in acknowledging and honoring these parts in myself and others, that my compassion grows, softening my edges rather than hardening them. May we all be gentle with ourselves and others as we aim to see the totality of our being, and the basic goodness that lies within us all...”)

(“Our dear neighbor is in her last days, surrounded by the love of her faithful family and friends. We hold space for her as she is making her way out of this world, leaving seeds of love, generosity, open-heartedness and goodness in those lives she created and touched. This is sacred time, indeed... please keep this lovely woman and family in your thoughts and prayers, in whatever way is most meaningful to you. Thank you...”)