Wonder Round (February 10-- 16, 2019) / by Hayden Michelle

As I have wrapped up my exhibit and am now in prep mode for KY Crafted: The Market, I am realizing how much I need bits of space that are not inhabited by a to-do list. It was wonderful to take just a couple of hours to meander over our land and see what tiny signs of spring are erupting. These small fungi are less than a quarter inch in size, yet leapt off the branch to my eyes. It is amazing how much color pops when we have been in a period of muted and diminished tones. Wishing you all moments of inspiration and hope for upcoming change…

“What was intended as a quick and simple circle ended up being one which became more layered by the minutes that began to pile past the hour.  As I continued to see (somewhat agitatingly) the sky lighten, my mind became more and more distracted by the remembrance of the pan of brownies laying on the counter in the kitchen, leftover from the dear visit from my sister and her spouse yesterday.  It started to feel comical that my focus turned to what lay ahead rather than what was in front of me, yet neither would go away, haha.  Thankfully, my brush water became so dark that it had to be dumped and renewed, and the sink just happened to be near the pan of brownies, and I may have just taken a bite or two, which enabled the completion of the circle when I returned.  Such simple plans made more enjoyable by simple pleasures...”

“As the warm air from the heat vent is released above my head and more cold rain hits the window panes, I realize how much I miss the breeze that comes in through open windows, bringing fresh air filled with scents of petals and green that grow on the hills while filling my ears with the songs of peeper frogs.  I love that the mere recalling of details of that air on my skin and breathed in by lungs and ears brings it alive.  How amazing our brains and bodies are, able to connect us vividly to the past while functioning perfectly in he present...”

“Sometimes it is the night dreams from which we awaken and sometimes it is the days to which we rise that are topsy-turvy... hoping always, light remains within sight to ground and offer us hope. “

“As the lines glided across the circle and the darks once again lightened outside my window, I reflected on how outside of this circle, the sun sits at many points in the sky.  I love that we are all connected by not only this privilege of incomprehensible technology, but by being part of the bigger whole as we make our lives in this universe.  I am so grateful for the many ways we lighten each other’s way.  Just last night I was talking to a friend and we were discussing the importance of sharing how others positively affect our lives in ways they may not even know, perhaps stemming from experience we had at a much different time in our lives, yet remaining a powerful presence.   It is worth the effort to reach out while we are still alive, both to tell and to hear, each opening from the vulnerability of the exchange.”

“It is not every day that I fill my page with literal hearts, although I did so quite easily as a child and can remember practicing making them until there was little space left on the page.  Their simple shape cannot begin to contain their power to connect, heal, inspire, enliven, grow, and experience joy so great, that it is beyond words.  Wishing you all expansive love today, all directions and even off the page...”

“Bright colors once again adhered to the brushes this morning... I am drawn to their vibrancy and the potential energy that awaits the smallest addition of water to bring dry pigment to life.  Surely, there is metaphor in there, as we too, are brought to life by the literal gift of water as well as that which feeds our souls.  What elicits your most vivid self?”

“Except to paint with minimal line and shading, these forms landed on precarious parts of the page without expectation.  Suspended in mid-air, they appear to be on a journey.  Not sure where we are going at times, we hang on tight, trusting the process as it unfolds... (although looking at the painting again, they actually look quite relaxed and gently held as they are carried forward— points to ponder!). “