Wonder Round (Jan. 27-- Feb. 2, 2019) / by Hayden Michelle

The pure blue of the sky peeking through hazy clouds swiftly passing overhead mirrored the vastly swinging weather much of the country has experienced in the past week. I always find it comforting that the blue remains behind the clouds, no matter how dark, and have appreciated that metaphor since I first read it years ago. Now that we are experiencing much warmer temperatures in the last many days, hopes of spring do not seem far… wishing you all bits of hope in the last of winter in the coming weeks.

“As this month is wrapping up, we launch into a spring semester that is chock-full of experiences that are sure to bring us into unimagined growth and challenge, with hopes of discovering new tricks to juggle the ever-slippery element of time.  It is both exciting and daunting to push ourselves past where we may have gone before and my intention is to view this as opportunity as often as possible, as this ol’ noggin of mine can easily sink into overwhelm-stress-mode.  Here’s to hoping for extra energy for us all as we finish the last days of this long month and head into the new...”

“The colors that merged here came from remnants in my paint pan, swirling together much like pieces of the day and life that end up in my dreams.  It is interesting, at times, to interpret and find meaning in dreams, and at other times, to let them be, knowing they are part of us that we do not control.  I am grateful for creativity of all kinds that brings us in touch with this loosening of mind.”

“This morning’s organic forms reflect an intention I am working on— reaching out when I need help.  It sounds like such a basic task... something we teach our children from a young age.  Yet for most, I would dare to say, it is not easy at all.   I have asked for more help than usual lately and I must declare, it feels surprisingly good, despite the angst in the asking.  And the bonus part is that those asked have shared that it makes them feel good, as well, closing the circle of exchange with positive energy and reinforcing that the sky will not fall, but open...”

“An integral part of yesterday’s intention, this one appeared on the wonky warped watercolor paper— relief at using my voice.  As I have written before, this has been decades in the making, and continues to be a work in progress.  I intentionally used the word “relief” in the title to remind myself that speaking when I need to speak results in change, at least inside myself, each and every time I can do so.  May we all find empowerment use our voices!”

“Having returned from being on the road the last three days, I was especially happy to wake up in my own bed and sit at my desk to paint, a familiar view coming into focus through the window in the early light... This morning’s circle speaks to me of the ongoing challenge of balancing time, aware that our growing children’s moments with us shorten by the day while the dedication needed for my art runs alongside.  Both leave me constantly trying to catch up, but fill me with abundant gratitude for the sacred roles they play in my life.”

“As we begin this month of February, I am reaching a landmark month.  At its completion, I will have painted a circle for every day of the past year.  It has given me much more than I can express here today... and yet as powerful as the experience has been, it has been at least as challenging, and I know that my energy needs to turn to other parts of my life and the growth of my art.  I will continue to paint circles and to share, although with the release of parameters for myself on how and when to do so.  I very much value the connection and sharing with all of you that has already taken place and look forward to continuing the flow as new paths emerge.   Who knows how these circles will expand into open space?  I realize as I write those words that it is trusting the process that is most important for me, coming full circle to where I began in this daily meditation.”

“When I painted this circle, it was completely flipped from top to bottom.   Only when I rotated it to this orientation did another bird-like creature appear to me, making me laugh, as it seemed to be determinedly going somewhere.  It occurred to me that even a small shift in perspective can change not only our days but our lives, surprising us when it comes.”